Training Corporate And Business Law

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Pelatihan Corporate And Business Law

Training Corporate And Business Law

   OBJECTIVE Training Corporate And Business Law

     * Provides an understanding of the legal framework of business.

     * Identify   the   key   legal   obligations  which  apply  to  your


     * Appreciate how the law regulates business behaviour

     * Offers  experiential  analysis  to  understand  the  challenges in

       managing legal risks

     * Offers  ideas, resources and tools for protecting business assets,

       resolving legal conflicts, and complying with the law

     * Understand  how  to  use  contracts to manage business process and


     * Manage risk arising from non-contractual liability

     * Understand the practical implications of electronic transactions

   OUTLINE Training Corporate And Business Law

   1. Introduction to Business Law

     * Law and the legal system in Indonesia

     * Legislation

     * Case Law

     * Legal Framework

     * Alternative Dispute Resolution

   2. Contracts

     * Factors Affecting Contract Performance

   – Requirements in Writing

   – Consideration

   – Capacity

   – Consent

     * Understanding and mitigating risks in the contract process

     * Good Governance and Contracts

     * Interpreting Contracts

     * Ending a contract

     * Specialised contracts

   3. Tort

     * Introduction to torts as they relate to Indonesian Businesses

     * Tort vs Contractual Obligations

     * Remedies: Damages, injuctions, etc

     * Negligence in business

     * Defamation and relationship to business

   4. The Law of Business Organisations

     * Different forms of business structure in Indonesia

     * Incorporating Companies in Indonesia

     * Legal obligations for companies

     * Trusts in Business

     * Partnerships

     * Risk, Liability and Obligations of various structures

   5. Intellectual Property

     * Copyright, designs, patents and trademarks

     * Enforcement & protection of intellectual property

     * Confidential information

   6. Insurance

     * The Legal framework for insurance in Indonesia

     * Obligations for dealing with insurance companies

     * Disclosure duties

     * Indemnity, contingency and public liability

     * Insurance contracts

   7. Employment Law

     * Common issues in the employment relationship

     * Employer/employee relationships

     * Employment contracts

     * Vicarious liability and fiduciary obligations

   8. White Collar Crime

     * Identifying and minimising crime in the workplace

     * Embezzlement, false accounting and fraud

   9. Ecommerce and the Law

     * Ecommerce in Indonesia

     * Indonesia Regulatory environment and online transactions

     * Common/case law and the internet

     * Future developments


     * General Managers

     * Directors

     * Marketing Executives

     * Contract Administrators

     * Property Managers

     * Risk Management officers

     * Finance managers

     * Non Lawyers looking to get a general understanding of legal issues




   Case Study


Lokasi, Biaya, dan Waktu Training Corporate And Business Law :

Yogyakarta, Hotel Dafam Seturan

Jakarta, Hotel Amaris La Codefin Kemang

Bandung, Hotel Grand Serela Setiabudhi / Merdeka

Bali, Hotel Ibis Kuta

Lombok, Hotel Jayakarta

Catatan : Waktu pelatihan Dua hari + 1* (lokasi tertentu) dengan Biaya tersedia untuk Perorangan, Group, dan Inhouse Training, belum termasuk akomodasi / penginapan.

Investasi training :

Investasi pelatihan selama dua hari tersebut menyesuaikan dengan jumlah peserta (on call). *Please feel free to contact us.

Apabila perusahaan membutuhkan paket in house training, anggaran investasi pelatihan dapat menyesuaikan dengan anggaran perusahaan.

Fasilitas training :

Free Penjemputan dari bandara ke hotel*.

Modul / Handout.


Certificate of attendance.

FREE Bag or bagpacker.

Training Kit (Photo Documentation, Blocknote, ATK, etc).

2x Coffe Break & 1 Lunch.

Souvenir .