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In the person of a supervisor inherent in his character as a leader, every leader must have the commitment to sacrifice, to serve and to give priority to the interests of the organization in order to effectively lead his men. A leader needs to understand their personal qualifications and those who will lead and use their understanding to create and maintain relationships, manage conflict, transfer knowledge and build effective team productivity.
The leadership performance of an effective supervisor will depend on a combination of skill, knowledge, attitudes, behavior, and relevant experience. A successful supervisor is someone who can manage the benefits and drawbacks as well as the courage to act effectively. A supervisor will always practice the behavior of self-discipline, to manage emotions effectively, and manage their work objectively. A supervisor who spirited leader will always be ready for the behavior from difficult and problematic people from time to time in the workplace.
Program is required to enable a supervisor to have the capability to become an effective leader in his organization. This training will identify the 5 roles of supervisor as a leader: influencing people, communicating effectively, supervising work, coaching and managing through conflict. All participants will be equipped with learning to master 5 roles and frameworks implementation in the workplace. Training will be implemented in practical participatory and relevant to new supervisor / beginners, team leader, coordinator other senior employee who have supervisory responsibilities to his subordinates.

* Learn effective leadership style in the workplace.
* Understand the relationship between leadership styles and behaviors with the motivation of subordinates.
* Understand and study the implementation phase to active supervision.
* Understand and study the dynamics of decision making effectively in the workplace.
* Understand the need to delegate and how the implementation of effective delegation.
* Explore different ways to communicate effectively.
* Learn the coaching techniques of handling employee problems/trouble at work
* Exploring the handling of conflicts in a participatory and effective in the workplace.
* Develop a personal action plan to be an effective leader supervisor.


Leading People
* Set a good example for others.
* Strive for excellence in leadership.
* Value human relations; demonstrate respect, build trust and credibility in the eyes of others.
* Understand and practice Situational Leadership principles.
* Supervisory leaders are accountable for behavior, process, & results.
* Influence the motivation & feelings of ownership in others.
* Lead…across the generations
* Intuitive leaders are aware of beliefs and biases people have and how they impact upon others.

Communicating Effectively
* Understands the dynamics of workplace communications
* Communicates expectations & goals clearly
* Practices “smart listening”
* Seeks feedback from others
* Gives positive feedback and praise when appropriate
* Adjusts the assertiveness of the communication to the situation
* Delivers criticism in a constructive and respectful manner
*  Uses effective communication tools when handling conflict

Actively Supervising
* Understands supervisor roles & responsibilities
* Understands expectations for responsibility and accountability
* Makes effective workplace decisions
* Improves individual and crew performance
* Builds a teamwork environment
* Influences & facilitates change
*  Manages time and priorities

Coaching for Improved Performance
* Improves individual and crew performance
* Helps people achieve goals
* Holds people accountable
* Assesses the development needs of his/her people
* Influences change to close gaps in performance or expectations
* Uses coaching techniques effectively
* Gets results.

Handling Conflict Skillfully
* Leads by example during times of conflict and stress
* Understands the various types of workplace conflicts
* Handles the conflict situation skillfully
*  Practices a conflict resolution process
* Anticipates and plans for conflict before it happens
* Applies effective communication tools during moments of conflict
* Probes for the root causes of dissent and emotional response
* Defuses rising tempers and anger


Supervisor beginners/new, team leader, foreman, coordinator, senior staff who have supervisory authority.
Method :
* Presentasi
* Diskusi dan Sharing Pengalaman
* Role Play
*  Games

Lokasi, Biaya, dan Waktu pelatihan :

Yogyakarta, Hotel Dafam Seturan

Jakarta, Hotel Amaris La Codefin Kemang

Bandung, Hotel Grand Serela Setiabudhi

Bali, Hotel Ibis Kuta

Lombok, Hotel Jayakarta

Catatan : Waktu pelatihan Dua+1* hari dengan Biaya tersedia untuk Perorangan, Group, dan Inhouse Training, belum termasuk akomodasi/penginapan.

Investasi training :

Investasi pelatihan selama dua hari tersebut menyesuaikan dengan jumlah peserta (on call). *Please feel free to contact us.

Apabila perusahaan membutuhkan paket in house training, anggaran investasi pelatihan dapat menyesuaikan dengan anggaran perusahaan.

Fasilitas training :

Free Penjemputan dari bandara ke hotel*.

Modul / Handout.


Certificate of attendance.

FREE Bag or bagpacker.

Training Kit (Photo Documentation, Blocknote, ATK, etc).

2x Coffe Break & 1 Lunch.

Souvenir .

(Untuk informasi lebih lanjut harap menghubungi marketing kembali di 0812-9679-4263 an. Aryo Nugroho)

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