training Programmable Logic Controllers murah

This section will begin with a discussion of basic theory of operation and how it is used to control a process. It will also identify potential applications and relate how PLC control compares with traditional methods of control. A discussion of the benefits of PLC control will follow.

PLC Training is designed to instruct electrical control professionals on how to successfully integrate a PLC into actual day-to-day industial electrical processes. It not only deals with the hardware and software, but all the surrounding systems that must be compatible to achieve a safe and reliable control system.
PLC Training is also designed to help delegates keep abreast of the latest Siemens’s PLC technologies and techniques available in this area, this tutorial offers an excellent opportunity for delegates to ask specific questions and exchange ideas relating to their own applications.

Hardware Configuration
This section will describe the various components used in the formulation of a PLC control system for Siemens S7-400. Included will be methods to select the correct features and capabilities to match the process requirements.
* CPU sizes and types
* Backplanes
* Power supplies
* I/O module types

Installation and Wiring Considerations
There are necessary steps that must be taken to ensure that the control system will be correctly installed to provide safe and reliable operation. Installation recommendations and techniques will be given for the following:
* Power and grounding
* Enclosures
* Input devices and wiring methods
* Output devices and wiring methods

This section will discuss the methods used and preparations that should be made to guarantee a smooth and troublefree system start-up.

Safety Issues and Techniques
This section will define the major safety issues relating to control systems. A number of techniques will be discussed to address these issues including:
* Solid state switching
* E-Stops
* Power-up delays
* Equipment re-starting
* Watchdog circuits
* MCR circuits

PLC Numbering Systems
PLC control system hardware and software use alternate numbering systems. The delegate will be exposed to the different base systems and how to convert to and from the decimal format.

Programming Siemens S7-400
The delegates will be instructed in the commands and logic necessary to assemble a basic PLC program to control an industrial process. The delegate will perform a simple programming exercise. Interactive Discussion
This will be an opportunity for delegates to interact and trade relevant stories and experiences.

Programming Software
Various types of programming software will be introduced to the delegates. Techniques for simple program development and downloading will be demonstrated. Topics will include:
* Program functions
* Program keying and development
* Connecting to the PLC
* Set-up
* Program downloading
* Monitoring and diagnostics


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§ 15 sd 16 Agustus 2019

§ 17 sd 18 September 2019

§ 22 sd 23 Oktober 2019

§ 20 sd 21 November 2019

§ 19 sd 20 Desember 2019

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training Siemens’s PLC technologies terbaru

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