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It is universally recognised that for any Company to succeed it must take a proactive approach to risk management. Over the last few years Companies and a number of Countries legislators have been focusing on Process Safety as a method to reduce the risks posed by hazardous industries. Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is recognised as being a critical tool in the implementation of a successful risk management system.
As Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies are now recognised world-wide as being the qualitative risk assessment methodology of choice in the Process Industries, there will be additional focus on this specific aspect of Process Hazard Analysis.

•    Understand the concepts of Risk Assessment and Risk Management
•    Understand the estimation and evaluation of risks – Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative and Quantified Risks
•    Techniques for Hazard Identification and Analysis – Check-Lists, Risk Profiling, HAZOP, FMEA and Task-Based Risk Assessment
•    Cause-Consequences Analysis – The Role of Fault Trees and Event Trees in Accident Prevention
•    Understand HAZOP studies their benefits and their short comings
•    Understand the requirements of a Team Leader or Facilitator, scribe and team members during HAZOP studies
•    Be able to facilitate a HAZOP study
•    HSE Technical Personnel
•    Project Engineers
•    Maintenance Personnel
•    Process Engineers involved in design and modification
•    Instrumentation and Control Engineers

Day 1 – Introduction to Risk Assessment

•    The concepts of hazards, risk and risk assessment
•    Methods for risk evaluation
•    Integrating risk assessment within Risk Management
•    Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment methodologies

Day 2 – Risk Assessment Techniques: HAZOP

•    Introduction to hazards identification and analysis techniques
•    Techniques for hazard identification and analysis – HAZOP
•    Where and when to use HAZOP and the requirements for a successful HAZOP study
•    Team composition for HAZOP studies
•    Guide words and process variables used for HAZOP studies

Day 3 – HAZOP Leadership Techniques

•    HAZOP team leader/facilitator requirements
•    HAZOP scribe requirements
•    Facilitating HAZOP studies, do’s and don’ts
•    Information required to allow successful HAZOP studies
•    Case study where each pasticipants has the opportunity to facilitate a HAZOP meeting
•    Review of commercial software used for HAZOP and Management of Change ‘MOC’

Day 4 – Consequence Analysis

•    Theory behind fire, explosion and toxic dispersion modelling utilised in Quantitative Risk Assessments
•    Types of fires and their effects on people and equipment
•    Types of explosions and their effects on people and equipment
•    Review of software available for consequence calculations

Day 5 – The Role of QRA

•    Introduction to Quantified Risk Assessment “QRA”
•    The role of Event Tree Analysis in scenario development
•    The role of Fault Tree Analysis for multi-causation analysis
•    Applications for ETA and FTA
•    Failure data for use in QRA’s
•    Societal Risk and Individual Risk
•    Review of software available for Quantitative Risk Assessments

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Apabila perusahaan membutuhkan paket in house training, anggaran investasi pelatihan dapat menyesuaikan dengan anggaran perusahaan.

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